Hello fellow Jet-Setters and welcome to our page!

We created this site to serve as our unofficial catalog of places we have explored.  We also wanted to pass along a bit of useful info on these destinations to our dear fellow travelers out there. We will share our favorite destinations and adventures, secrets to getting the best deals, travel advice, and everything we have come to learn along the way.

As soon as we were capable of walking on our own two feet, we began embarking on journeys and we haven’t slowed down since. Both our parents were big on adventure. The worked hard and took time every year to plan long weeks of traveling across the country. We have many fond memories of our travels growing up and we hope to carry on that tradition.

Dianne took her first solo international flight (from Philippines to America) when she was just 14.  When she was finally old enough to choose a profession, she naturally became a flight attendant. She has come to learn a great deal of knowledge from her travels and plans to share her exciting experiences with you. So we hope you feel inspired to travel…and let’s jet!

Curtis and Dianne

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